Your work matters because your life matters to God!

Who are you? Where are you going? And how will you get there?

We’re talking about jobs, work, careers — and yes! Your life!


God is calling. You have a vocation. And because God calls, your life’s circumstances, including your career, has a unique spirituality. We’ll explore the spirituality of work and life together here online.

We hope to keep things simple and fun — and to the point. The tips and ideas you find here are not unlike some of the things St. Joseph might have taught his yo aunt son as Jesus as they spent hours together in the workshop.


We need money, but money is not what makes your work important. Your work is important because of who is doing it! YOU matter to God.

God created you for a special purpose. It includes the job you do and the career you live. We’ll explore the spirituality of work together. Be sure to follow this blog so you get the latest tips!