The Details


Life unfolds everyday in ordinary things. We call them the “happenstance and circumstance” of life. Of course, life is not always neat and clean, but the good news is that (somehow) God is in the middle of it all.


  • Nothing happens in isolation.
  • Nothing happens without something happening before it.
  • And nothing happens that leads to nothing else.

And Nothing Ever Happens That Surprises God!


We don’t know what’s going to happen today, but we do know, if we have a plan, our plan will take us to what does eventually happen. The Bible tells us that we should make our plans and then turn them over to God  (Prov 16:3). God will guide our footsteps (Prov 16:9).

God knows the way because He is the Way (Jn 14:6).


We were made in the image and likeness of God (Gn 2:15). He is a working God who is at work even now in your life. Your life’s plan should always include meaningful and rewarding work.

Expect your life’s work to have a spiritual component of its own. If you miss this point, life will never really make much sense to you. The spiritual component of your life’s work is called the “Spirituality of Work.”

Understanding the “Spirituality of Work” helps us learn to integrate what we do most days (our job) with the rest of those really important things that define our lives. Life and work really are inseparable!


One of the most common complaints in the world today is the lack of balance  between the work we do and the life we want to live. This is called “work-life balance.”

Without addressing the “Spirituality of Work,” perpetual imbalance is almost certain. That’s why the “Spirituality of Work” is such a big part of what we do here at the VOCATION WORKS web site.


Our team has worked in the field of career development and advisement for many years. We’ve trained tens of thousands of career specialists, equipping them to help others solve job and career issues.

We’ve also spent decades in Christian ministry. What we’ve seen is that the workplace has a significant impact on nearly every aspect of a person’s existence. And unless we get that part of our lives right, it will always appear as if God is some distant Being who doesn’t care very much. Life won’t make much sense either.


It doesn’t have to be like that! The work you do can integrate very nicely with your family and the life you want to lead.

Look around the VOCATION WORKS web site. We’re keeping it pretty simple by design. Believe it or not, you can keep your life pretty simple too!

You’ll find most of our information on the “Career Goodies!” blog. And we’re sharing a lot of the key information on our social media sites too, so follow us on social media too please.


Pray for your family and friends today. Pray for your workplace,  your co-workers, and your customers. And take your faith everywhere you go (Faith@Work)!

That’s how we’ll start our journey together. In Christ!