Fishermen’s Insurance


Mr. Campbell woke up in the hospital in a very uncomfortable situation. There had been an accident while deep sea fishing earlier in the day. Unfortunately, the hero of our story had called in sick that morning to go fishing with his buddies. Now it looked as if his health insurance wouldn’t pay the cost of extricating his left leg from the mouth of the greatest fish ever caught.

This was one fish story nobody was going to believe!


The Bible tells us that we should not lie to one another (Col 3:9). When we lie, what we’re really doing is hiding the truth. The Bible warns that everything we hide will eventually be made public. There are no secrets that won’t eventually be known to all (Luke 8:17).

The truth really is the best way to live, even if it can be uncomfortable at times. And even if it involves a fish story!


Yes, Mr. Campbell decided to have the fish removed from his leg. And no, his health insurance, which was paid by the employer, did not pay the cost of that procedure. Mr. Campbell paid that out of pocket.

There was another side effect of this unfortunate event too. Mr. Campbell found himself in the confessional the following weekend, seeking absolution for the lie he told to get out of work in the first place. Had he not lied, he would not have had to pay the cost of this medical procedure. And he wouldn’t have had to confess this lie either. How different things might’ve been!

If any good news did come out of this story, it was that Mr. Campbell had a really great trophy to hang over his fireplace at home. He also had a humorous fish story to tell his friends — one with a real life lesson. We’re not sure if he’s been telling people that tale yet.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

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