The Deacon’s Fruit


Deacon Guy was away from Holy Trinity for a few days on a special assignment to the Lowcountry. Bishop Bob had asked him to work “incognito” in the Mount Pleasant area with Herman Nootks, Chucktown’s Cathedral mouse and a renowned superhero of the faith.

Through no fault of the little mouse’s, the often trustworthy Deacon found himself at the top of a Palmetto tree, towering high above the sands of the Isle of Palms. Deacon Guy, a Boston native, learned something that day that few men born in the Palmetto State ever really need to learn.


The Bible tells us that we will know a tree by its fruit (Matt 7:16). That’s significant because it helps us understand that, in our culture, we will produce what we are. If you’re a good guy or good gal, you’ll leave something good where you live or work. But if you’re a real stinker, well … you know. It won’t be so good for those around you.

The Bible also compares us to a vineyard. It says that Jesus is the vine, and you and I are the branches. If we stay connected to Jesus, we’re going to produce a lot of good fruit (John 15).

Fruit is a really big deal in the Kingdom of God. It’s important for Christian living too!


Well, the old Deacon from Boston could hardly be blamed for not knowing what the seeds of a Palmetto Tree look like. It was an innocent enough mistake on his part. But Deacon Guy knows a lot about fruit and the Kingdom of God. That’s why Bishop Bob picked him for the special assignment in the Lowcountry. And that’s why the folks at Holy Trinity love him so much and appreciate his seemingly tireless service to the parish and community.

You’ll soon be reading more about this special assignment Deacon Guy is on. You won’t want to miss it on the Catholic Roads website.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ.

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