The Good Side of Disappointment


Ray Wilson was a man who knew disappointment. To the casual observer, it might even seem that disappointment was his constant companion. So it really was no surprise when the interviewer saw that Ray had few successes in his life to build on. And that’s not who or what they wanted in a new employee.

Once again, Ray Wilson did not get the job.


The Bible tells us to ask God to sustain us. We want it done in our lives the way He wants it done. When that happens, we come alive! We are sustained and inspired. Disappointment disappears (Ps 119:116).


The reason disappointment can hurt so much is that it attacks our faith. Disappointment cuts away our hope. We can fight back by knowing a little secret and practicing it.

When we hope in anything other than Jesus, we recklessly put ourselves in danger of disappointment. If you live long enough, everything in this world will disappoint you. Our Lord, however, will never be a disappointment.

The job interviewer in our illustration was wrong. Disappointment really doesn’t have a good side unless it makes you learn to put your hope in Christ. Trust in Jesus. Make Him your hope. It will change everything in your life.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic.

In Christ.

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