Hard-Hearted Herb


Herb was not a happy man. He was legalistic and judgmental. He could be harsh. And he was not very forgiving.

Herb’s coworkers privately referred to him as “H3.” It stood for “Hard-Headed Herb.” Of course, Herb had no idea they called him that. He just thought of himself as being naturally unpopular.


Forgiveness is an important theme in the Bible. In the Our Father (Lord’s Prayer), the faithful ask God to forgive them as they forgive others. Through the blood the Christ shed on the cross, our sins are forgiven.

Jesus tells a number of parables (stories) that include lessons about forgiveness. He also tells Peter we are to forgive seven times seventy (7×70) times, the meaning of which is that there should be no limit to our willingness to forgive the people around us (Mt 18:21,23).


Sadly, as we write this, Herb’s coworkers still refer to him as H3. We don’t know if Herb’s heart hasn’t softened or if the people around him just haven’t had the time yet to notice the changes in him. Either way, Herb still carries the burden of years of unforgiveness.

Maybe someday this will change. For now, however, Herb is the big loser. When we don’t forgive those around us, it always does more damage to us than to those we don’t forgive.

If you have a hard heart, ask God to break it and replace it with a tender heart that knows no limit to love.


That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic.

In Christ.

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