A Big Money Job

See 1 Tm 5:18


The cartoon takes place in a career center with the fictional Mr. Jones being told that his strategy isn’t likely to achieve his goal of making “big money.” What’s his strategy? To find a job and go to work, of course. And the career advisor is saying that his client’s expectations do not line up with the realities of the workplace.


The humor for the cartoon is found (tragically) in the workplace itself. Very few employers will ever pay their workers “big money.” In fact, one of the political debates in society right now is about a “liveable wage.” A liveable wage is a lot less than “big money.”

If “big money” is one of your life goals, you will need a strategy that goes beyond trading time for money. To make “big money,” you will need other inputs such as investments (and we’re not equipped to provide any advice on that topic). The work you do will achieve other things for you.

Work is a wonderful gift from God. Through work, you have an opportunity to serve others and to make a difference in their lives. You also have an opportunity to earn a living for the family. And you even have the opportunity to share God’s gift of redemption and eternal life with others. Good work is a blessing for you and a lot of people around you too. But your work will probably never make you financially wealthy! The spirituality of work is much larger than that!


Let’s look at our formation questions. The topic today is work and wages and personal wealth and things like that. So spend a few moments in quiet prayer thinking about your life. Consider the Bible verse(s) we have suggested and whatever else the Holy Spirit decides to share with you.

Based on our short conversation today …

  • What should I start doing that I’m not doing now?
  • What should I stop doing that I have been doing?
  • What should I change (the way I’m doing it)?

Whatever you came up with (start, stop, or change in your life), take it to God in prayer. Chances are, you can’t make those changes on your own. You will come under spiritual attack and probably fail. Seek the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:33) and ask God for His help.


We’re praying for you. Please pray for us too!

In Christ!

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