Fishers of Men

See Mt 4:19

Jesus promised His disciples a new career. They would be transformed from “fishermen” to “fishers of men.” (Mt 4:19)

Faith@Work …

Fishing was important to Jesus. It was important to His disciples too. In a very real way, fish meant life for the people of that time, especially around the Sea of Galilee.

From the beginning of His ministry, Jesus demonstrated that He valued work and the workplace. It was a powerful place to communicate the Good News to others. Though the disciples were not redeemed by their work, their work made it possible for many others to be redeemed.

Work matters to God, and so the disciples became fishers of men.

The Cartoon …

This cartoon is not as ridiculous as it may, at first, seem to be. Fish stories have always been associated with fishermen. And most fish stories are pretty hard to believe — for good reasons. Try to imagine the early fish stories that the disciples told others.

“He’s alive!” … or how about, “First he was dead, and then he was alive again!” … or “He just drifted away to heaven on a cloud. But he did say he’d come back just like he left— so keep your eyes on the clouds!”

Whenever a fisherman tells a fish story, the listeners want to see the evidence. Fishermen are renown for their exaggeration (and lies). But some fish stories are actually true. You are the evidence they want to see! That’s what’s behind this cartoon.

Discipleship Time and Faith Formation …

Look at the cartoon again. Then read Mt 4:19. Skim through the short lesson we provided beneath the cartoon. Then prayerfully answer the three questions below. These are the same questions you will see in most of our online studies.

Based on the cartoon, the Bible verse, and the short lesson …

  • What am I not doing right now that I really need to start doing?
  • What am I doing now that I really need to stop doing?
  • What am I doing now that I really ought to change the way I’m doing it?

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