See Mt 18:3

At first glance, there’s not much happening in this cartoon. But look again!


The priest is trying to make a point, of course, about sin and mercy and forgiveness. But everything changes the moment the child raises her hand. She’s so tiny, it’s hard to see — but if you miss it, you missed the point.

Jesus says that we must be like children if we ever want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, this child has been stained by sin, but there’s nothing in this little one’s spirit that tells her she is under condemnation. It’s all quite simple to her. She loves Jesus, and Jesus loves her. That’s the end of the story, as far as she is concerned.


This plays out a little differently in the workplace. We ought not think more of ourselves than what is really there. We shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves (Ro 12:3). We’re likely to go a lot further in life if we go humbly than if we are proud and boastful.

Nothing on earth can keep you from accomplishing what God has in mind for you. Nothing except you, that is. If you put your trust in God and follow Christ daily as “the way and truth and life” (Jn 14:6), you can’t fail.

Don’t try to measure your success or failure in terms of money or prestige either. You will be deceived by that very quickly. Your success is based on your pleasing God. That’s the standard!


So let’s move forward with our formation questions. Spend a few moments in quiet prayer thinking of your life, the Bible verses we have suggested, and whatever the Holy Spirit decides to share with you. Here goes …

Based on our short conversation above …

  • What should I start doing that I’m not doing now?
  • What should I stop doing that I have been doing?
  • What should I change (the way I’m doing it)?

Whatever you came up with (start, stop, or change in your life), take it to God in prayer. Chances are, you can’t make those changes on your own. You will come under spiritual attack and probably fail. Seek the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:33) and ask God for His help.


We’re praying for you. Please pray for us too!

In Christ!

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