Do What You Love! Become What You Do!

 “Doing What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do”

That’s the sub-title of a book entitled The Radical Leap Re-Entergized by Steve Farber (Mission Boulevard Press, Poway CA.)

We used the Farber “quote” to introduce this article because, in a very real sense, it summarizes what “be-attitude career” is about.

Let’s talk …


The three (3) primary keys to having a be-attitude career are:

  • IDENTITY (Mk 8:27) — who is your Creator? Who are you in Him?
  • FORMATION (2 Pt 3:18) — what is unique and special about you? When we know this and are properly formed, we grow in grace, knowledge and wisdom.
  • BLESSING (Ps 37:4) — being in His presence blesses you. This blessing is “beattitude” (happiness).


Career is complex. It’s more than your job — or even, a series of jobs. You can plan career, but it never really goes the way you planned. Stuff just happens! And that stuff impacts what happens next. Still, career really is a cool and marvelous thing!


The root word for “career” is carrus. “Carrus” is a Latin word that means carriage or chariot.

To understand your career, think of it as a chariot that you ride through life. Your career is everything that happens along the way. Career and life are inseparable.


We all have careers, including those with priestly or religious vocations. Be-attitude careers, however, are unique to lay people. You might even want to start thinking of be-attitude career as your “lay vocation.”

Through prayer, love, and service to others, lay people are called to go into the world for the glory of God. That’s a real blessing. It is be-attitude career!

We like to say, “Life is a pilgrimage.” Your life is both a journey and an adventure. Why shouldn’t your career reflect that same zeal?

Followers of Christ should never settle for anything less than a pilgrimage and adventure for their career. We ought to pursue be-attitude career as a way of life and our vehicle for transforming families and communities!

[NOTE: We pray daily for an increase in priestly and religious vocations, as well as an increase in be-attitude careers.]


We’ll have a lot more to say about be-attitude career as we go forward. Please consider these three keys prayerfully. Imagine what your life might be like if you built a bridge between the ordinary career and the exciting adventure of be-attitude career. Then, get ready to ride your chariot!

In Christ!

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