Blessed To Work

Jesus condemns the behavior of the useless servant, who hides his talent in the ground (Mt 25:14-30) and praises the faithful and prudent servant whom the Master finds hard at work at the duties entrusted to him (Mt 24:46). He describes his own mission as that of working: “My Father is working still, and I am working” (Jn 5:17), and his disciples as workers in the harvest of the Lord, which is the evangelization of humanity (Mt 9:37-38).

USCCB/LEV. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church . USCCB. Kindle Edition. (#260)

This powerful thought comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. But how do we tap into such a rich treasure for our lives? The answer is found in be-attitude career.

Let’s talk …


What is a “be-attitude career” anyway? It’s a career that is perfectly suited for you. The term “beattitude” connotes a blessing. When your life unfolds in be-attitude career, you experience “good work that blesses.” A be-attitude career is a career that is a blessing to you and to others around you.


God has a plan for you (Jer 29:11-12). He made you to be unique, special, and unlike anyone else who has ever lived. You are perfectly suited for what He has planned for your life. Your be-attitude career is a gift from God. To experience it, you have to focus on your Creator and who you are In Him.

You’ll hear this many times when you’re around us: “In life, you either do what you are or you become what you’re doing.” Identity is ground zero for your be-attitude career. And rest assured, we have an enemy who wants to rob us of our precious identity and our ability to experience be-attitude career (Jn 10:10).


Discernment helps us answer that all-important question: “What’s God’s plan for my life?” Once you know this, you can establish really powerful career goals. But fair warning — it’s one of the hardest questions in the world to answer. Here’s a hint: “Work is the secret.”

The Bible tells us that if we commit our work to the Lord, He will guide our footsteps (Prov 16:3; 9). This describes the “be-attitude” approach to career development. To discern God’s plan for your life, make your own plan, knowing your identity in Christ. Then turn it over to Him. We have God’s promise that it works!

  • Your plan must be important enough that you’re willing to devote your entire life to it.
  • You must trust God enough that you’re willing give your plan completely to Him.

That’s when discernment really begins! You will see God directing your footsteps.


Your life and your career are inseparable. Modern career development theory even suggests that life and career are one and the same. There is good reason for this suggestion.

The root word for career is based on the Latin word “carrus.” A carrus was a wheeled vehicle like a chariot or a wagon. The carrus “carried” an occupant from one place to another. It was a vehicle suitable for a journey or a pilgrimage.

Your life is a pilgrimage. You are able to travel the Holy Highway (Is 35:8) without getting lost. The Bible tells us that even foolish people can travel it without fear of going astray. The only people prevented from traveling the Holy Highway are evil people.

By the way, we get the name “Catholic Roads” from the Holy Highway. “Catholic” is an old Greek word (katholikos) meaning “universal” or “everywhere.” The Holy Highway is everywhere. It is universal. Thus, it is “Catholic Roads.”


Pray. Yes, Jesus is watching. But sadly, a large number of faithful believers miss out on a really big blessing because they don’t tap into all the resources God makes readily available to them right now in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus presides over the Kingdom (Mt 24:14), but He is definitely not alone in His Kingdom! There are angels and saints all around Him as He sits on His throne, including a Great Queen (Rev 11:19-12:1). These creatures work in the Kingdom of God just as the Father is at work and Jesus is working (Jn 5:17). A big part of their heavenly duties involve intercessory prayer. They deliver our prayers to the throne of Jesus like sweet incense (Rev 8:4). And these heavenly creatures are available to all believers right now as intercessory prayer warriors who are very close to Christ on His throne.


As you make your career transition to a be-attitude career, don’t do it without all the intercessory prayer you can get. Reach out to the saints and angels just like you’ve probably reached out to friends and neighbors to ask for prayer many times over the years.

And get your identity right, knowing your unique place with the Creator. Make a plan and use that plan to begin a holy discernment process. Understand you are actually embarking on a life of pilgrimage unearthed in a be-attitude career.

And then, come on back here. We’ll talk some more soon about be-attitude career!

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