Blessed To Work

Jesus condemns the behavior of the useless servant, who hides his talent in the ground (Mt 25:14-30) and praises the faithful and prudent servant whom the Master finds hard at work at the duties entrusted to him (Mt 24:46). He describes his own mission as that of working: “My Father is working still, and I am working” (Jn 5:17), and his disciples as workers in the harvest of the Lord, which is the evangelization of humanity (Mt 9:37-38).

USCCB/LEV. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church . USCCB. Kindle Edition. (#260)

This powerful thought comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. But how do we tap into such a rich treasure for our lives? The answer is found in who we are and the work we do.

Let’s talk …


A “Be-attitude Career” is a career that is perfectly suited for you. It is a blessing. When your life unfolds in Be-attitude Career, you can expect to experience “good work that blesses.” Most people don’t know, however, that you can actually learn to plan a Be-Attitude Career. That’s what we will talk about (in large part) on this website.


Planning a Be-Attitude Career is a simple process. The basic steps appear below. We will discuss them in follow-up posts.

  • Identity — know your Creator. He is the One with the plan for your life (Jer 29:11-12). And then know the person that He created you to be. This really is the BE part of “Be-Attitude Career.”
  • Discernment — begin to inquire spiritually what God’s plan for your life actually is. There are many things to consider (your passions, gifts, and talents, for example).
  • Plan — make your best plan. You don’t necessarily need to attempt to duplicate what you think God’s plan for you might be. You probably won’t get that right. His way of thinking is very different from ours (Is 55:8-9). Make your plan and commit the work you do to the Lord (Ps 16:3).
  • Pray — of course we are to pray without ceasing (1 The 5:17). We should also seek intercessory prayer.

We’ll take a look at this in more depth in the next few articles.

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