Work-Life Balance

One of the great barriers to having a rewarding career these days is “work-life balance.” How can a person commit to a career and still have time for family, recreation, and other pursuits in life?


The answer is not really as difficult as many think it is. In fact, it’s actually pretty simple. The solution can be found in the Bible and the teachings of the Church.


The Bible includes a story about Jesus’ visiting two women. They are sisters. Their names are Martha and Mary.

Martha went to work vigorously cleaning and preparing a meal. Meanwhile, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening to him. Finally, Martha complained to Jesus about her sister. She insisted that Jesus tell Mary to help Martha in the kitchen. Jesus responded, saying that He would not take Mary away from something that was important. In fact, He told Martha that Mary had actually chosen the better thing to do (Lk 10:40-42).

We get to the real heart of the matter in yet another Gospel. In the Book of Matthew, we learn that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The other things we need and want will be given to us (Mt 6:33).


The Church is not silent on this subject either. She informs us:

Everything else, work included, will find its proper place, meaning and value only if it is oriented to this one thing that is necessary and that will never be taken away.”

(–Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church, #260).

Of course, the Church is telling us to tend to Jesus as we seek the Kingdom of God. This teaching is consistent with what we have found in Sacred Scripture.


The problem is clear in light of the truth found in Scripture and in the teachings of the Church. The Kingdom of God is the essential component in “work-life balance.” As we move to an increasingly secular society, one that is hell bent on setting aside all things sacramental in exchange for modernism and secular humanism, we gradually lose hope of ever finding the work-life balance we so desperately desire.


The secret to work-life balance is joining God in His creative and redemptive work. We do this in response to His call (vocation) with the work that we do daily in our chosen careers.

The true purpose of work is not money. Nor is it prestige. Rather, as former CEO Carly Fiorina reminds us, work gives to our lives three essential ingredients. They are: structure, accountability and connection to others. When we use the gifts and talents God has given us to join Him in His work, fully aware of these three ingredients, the problems of work-life balance cease to exist.


Give it a try! We’re praying for you!

In Christ!

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