Everyone Has A Story

Stories aren’t just for TV, books, or the movies. They’re all around us everyday in real life.


Your co-workers have stories. So does your boss, your customers, and your vendors. Wherever you are right now, God has put you there for such a time as this (Est 4:14).

Remember what we said in our opening blog — your life is not just a random accident. God has a plan and a purpose for you (Jer 11:12). You’re here for a reason. It might take awhile for you to figure out what that reason is, but there really is a reason!


Your next step is to train yourself to be aware. Be attentive. Learn how to watch. Become a good listener. Be sensitive to what is happening to the people around you.

It’s not your job to solve other people’s problems. You shouldn’t take on that burden. The truth is, most people don’t expect you to solve their problems. They just want (and need) you to listen. And it’s that much better if you’re willing to pray too.


So the next time you’re at work (maybe tomorrow), ask God to show you someone who has a story. Ask Him to put someone in front of you that you can listen to and pray for (or with). When you ask God for this, expect a lot of stories to come your way.

Live as if you have few friends, but as if you’re a good friend to many. It won’t be long before you know what it is to be an apostle of the Lord. You’ll also be on your way to becoming a master of the New Evangelization and an apostle to the world in the workplace!

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