Go Where You’re Looking

We have been talking about prayer in the workplace or “Win@Work!” It’s a great concept. But what’s the point?


We will never truly evangelize our workplace, at least not fully. It’s hard enough to evangelize our families, isn’t it! But if a picture truly is worth a thousand words, the picture above says a lot. It speaks to Win@Work! and a host of other ideas too.

For now, we would like to say, “Keep on keeping on! Don’t give up and don’t give in!”


Worldly goals are very different from heavenly goals. The Bible tells us our ways are different from God’s ways, and our thoughts are different from His thoughts (Is 55:8-9). He doesn’t need to change His thinking. We need to change ours.

So take a moment to study that picture. Imagine yourself on the road of life. Where are you looking? Do you spend all your time looking around at the grass and trees on either side of the road? Do you look at the road immediately in front of you? Or do you focus on the horizon where the “Kaizen Point” exists? Of course, it’s okay to enjoy the scenery as you travel through life, but don’t let this world take your focus off the wonderful things God has in store for you (Phil 1:9-11).


See you at the point of Kaizen! In Christ!

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